Wednesday, October 20, 2010

In celebration of our first successful meeting...

Alright, guys and gals. We've had our first meeting, though it was short and in the public eye of those around us it was indeed savory. If you missed it you did indeed miss a good time.

In short, we spent time out in the quad. We were directly in front of the library, and we sang a song. Karan, of course, chose a Gorillaz song. If you didn't know that Karan adores the Gorillaz, you do now.

We spent a bit of time getting to know others in the club, which went fairly well for the first meeting. I'll no doubt be a bit more involved in the next meeting. Overall, it went well.

Now, to the chopping block once again. I'm going to throw out a few albums this time, as one couldn't possibly detail the entirety of what I listen to. I am my music.

First album:
Animal Collective's album Strawberry Jam - YOUTUBE|DOWNLOAD  

Alright folks, this first band, Animal Collective, is one of my favorite bands of all time; it's quite possible they actually are. Their lyrics are poetic, mysterious, truthful, and truly funny. Every word strikes true, making it impossible for me to not be entirely engaged in the music. Their instrumentation is nothing short of revolutionary, using plenty of avant-garde instruments with flying beats.

Every song on every album has a life all its own. Just do yourself a favor and pick this one up. Your ears will thank you, as long as you keep an open mind.

Second album:
Black Moth Super Rainbow's (BMSR's) album Dandelion Gum - YOUTUBE|DOWNLOAD

This album is close to my heart, a syrupy blend of 70s noise electronica and vocoder based vocals. This band is truly a gem in the Electronica field, absolutely one of a kind. Just give it a listen.

Giraffes? Giraffes!'s album More Skin with Milk-Mouth (seriously) - YOUTUBE|DOWNLOAD

Math Rock at it's finest. If you don't know what Math Rock is, google it. It's far too complicated for me to explain here and now, but the basis is a heavy focus on irregular timing and ridiculously intricate composure.

This band is a duo of the best drummer I've personally ever heard, and an awesomely bearded guitarist. Together, they are Giraffes? YES! They are Giraffes! Anyway, have fun with these.

Hope you enjoy 'em. Have a nice (day/night/afternoon/morning).

- Greg

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